Port Ludlow

Building Community, Building Business

Escape to a nationally recognized, master planned community known as the “Gateway to the Olympic Peninsula.”   Port Ludlow has a variety of activities available that will appeal to any traveler.  Adventure seekers can kayak, bike, or hike.  Golfers can play a round on our 18-hole Championship Golf Course that Esquire magazine called “The Most Scenic in the World.”  Those looking for relaxation can charter a yacht, go whale watching, fish or simply relax in beach chairs along the pristine shores of Ludlow Bay. The Resort At Port Ludlow provides breathtaking views of Ludlow Bay, the lush tree lined coast and the magnificent Olympic Mountains beyond.

Wildlife is abundant in the area; raccoons and black-tailed deer are spotted frequently. Otters can be seen frolicking in the bay with blue herons standing stoically in the mist. One of the most beautiful local attractions is Ludlow Falls, an active salmon stream and, in season, visitors can watch as salmon fight their way upstream to begin a new generation. Osprey and kingfishers can be spotted, as well as pileated and other woodpeckers.

The Olympic Peninsula is home to the only temperate rainforest in North America as well as hundreds of species of plants that are native only to the Olympic Peninsula. Area museums and Burner Point celebrate the Native American heritage of the Northwest, and Seattle even derives its name from Chief Sealth, a famous Native American leader who negotiated with pioneers in the creation of the city.

Of course, being located in the Northwest, the question everyone wants answered is “How much does it rain?” Port Ludlow is in a unique location, known affectionately as the “banana belt” of the Northwest, because it is in the “rain shadow” of the Olympic Mountains. As a result, it rains much less in the vicinity than most other locations in the Northwest. Although Port Ludlow still gets it’s share of rainfall throughout the year, even on rainy days, the scenery is spectacular.

The surrounding area offers plenty of options that compliment a fun filled day in Port Ludlow. Visitors can visit Port Townsend to shop, explore galleries and museums or attend a yearly festival. A scenic thirty-minute drive to Sequim allows visitors to explore the world’s longest natural sand spit complete with a 4.5-mile beach walk and endless wildlife viewing opportunities. Families can take children to the Olympic Game Farm located in Sequim to view an assortment of wild animals including: zebras, tigers, bears, bison, and much much more.

Being an exciting location with ample recreation both in town and nearby, Port Ludlow lends itself to be a relaxing tourism destination as well as home to those who reside in this residential community often referred to as “ A Village in the Woods by the Bay.”