Julie Wurden Jablonski Windermere Real Estate/West Sound, Inc.
Nov 19, 2014 | New Member Spotlight

Julie was raised in a Kitsap County real estate family, and has enjoyed living in Port Townsend since 1999. She has a life/work style that covers both areas, which she considers an advantage in marketing properties and networking to attract buyers and investors on a local, regional and national level.  Julie combines an MBA and engineering background with corporate and non-profit work experience in finance and marketing. She is an unabashed Microsoft Excel power user and willing to do research to support a client’s investment decision process.

She is an active community volunteer, and has been a member of school finance and bond committees, the Andy Mackie Music Foundation, AAUW programs and more. A certified professional tennis instructor, one of her priorities is prevention of childhood obesity and teaching lifelong healthy habits. She started the Jefferson County Community Tennis Association and her volunteer efforts teaching tennis to over 2,000 students earned her the US Olympic Committee Volunteer of the Year for Tennis award in 2009. 

Julie joined the Jefferson County Chamber of Commerce to network, connect with the community further, and to participate in business education programs for members.

Julie lives in Port Townsend with her husband and daughter. Her husband is Ian Jablonski, City of Port Townsend Water Resources Manager. Call Julie at (360) 774-1623 or visit www.juliewurdenjablonski.com today.