TED.Com in our local high school?
Jan 20, 2016 | Recent News
The students have invited you and Judge William Downing, a former King County Prosecutor and sitting Judge for 26 years in King County.   Judge Downing is a dynamic, intelligent speaker and many of the students know him already as the "Godfather" of Washington State Mock Trial.
Judge Downing will speak to: 
The Role of Media, Language, and Poetry in the Courtroom 

This is a special invitation by the students. The first time that they have hosted a TED.Com type series and invited community leaders to join them in a provocative, thought provoking discussions— The idea is to  network and get to know each other to link students to local leadership, internships, ideas, projects, and community service learning for their Senior Presentations that are set for May. 
Please come and  interact and get to know the students.— good conversation with good friends- doesn’t get much better!! 
The students' assignment for the event from their faculty is: 
1) During the meet and greet time, make an effort to connect with someone from the community;
2) Be attentive and respectful during the lecture, take notes as outlined below, and come up with questions. 
3) Find 3-5 key items the speaker said that you either wish to remember or which you will inquire about for your interest, research, or senior presentation this spring. 
See you Friday this week at the High school!!!