Sunrise CoffeeHouse will host New York Times cartoonist and illustrator Grant Snider.
Aug 17, 2015 | Recent News

On Friday evening, September 4, 2015, Sunrise CoffeeHouse will host New York Times cartoonist and illustrator Grant Snider. He will be at Sunrise to talk about his work and creative process in a Power Point presentation and to celebrate the opening of his poster art show, “Incidental Art” which will hang at Sunrise for several weeks. All of his poster art will be for sale.


Grant has contributed to the NY Times since 2012, with 11 original pieces in the NY Times Book Review including a cover illustration for the October 6, 2013 book review issue on sex. Four of his comics were selected for The Best American Comics 2013, edited by Jeff Smith and published by Houghton Mifflin Harcourt. His next Sunday, NY Times Book Review art will be in this month’s August 23rd issue.   


In an interview with KUCR in Kansas City, Nicholas Blechman, former art director at the NY Times Book Review, now creative director at the New Yorker touted Snider’s, “simple clean lines, flat colors, superb wit and story-telling abilities. That’s what struck me about him,” Blechman says. “He’s not just a run-of-the-mill illustrator. He’s a storyteller and that’s very unusual in the illustration world.”


In a recent email to Sunrise Coffee Snider writes, "Cartooning is my favorite possible way to express ideas. The combination of writing and drawing allows for limitless exploration, imagination, and humor. I draw comics about the things I care about: books, art, music, parenting, and coffee. Everything is potential material for a cartoon.”


Snider, a practicing orthodontist, got his start while an under-grad @ Kansas University and later at the University of Missouri dental school, cartooning for his school’s newspapers. In 2009 Snider received the Charles M. Schulz award for Best College Cartoonist for “comic strips that reflect the influence of graphic novels.”


He drew a weekly full-page comic in The Kansas City Star from 2009-2012. In 2010 he began publishing his work online at “I was hoping that readers of Incidental Comics would be easier to entertain than teenagers with braces,” Snider says. Incidental Comics has since gained a worldwide audience.


Selected publications include The New York Times, The Kansas City Star, Revista Piauí, Rio de Janeiro, El Espectador, Bogotá, Colombia, The CORE - University of Chicago Alumni Magazine, New York University Alumni Magazine,, and The Rumpus.


One wonders about a resume’ that reads, Orthodontist, Comic Artist, Illustrator, Story Teller but Snider explains it this way; “All are highly detail oriented, highly hands on, completely visual kinds of things. Having my job as an orthodontist gets me out around people, sometimes more people than I want to see in a day but I think it’s definitely rewarding to have a career that’s based on social interaction, especially when my side career is interacting only with my own thoughts, paper and pen.”


Grant Snider’s own thoughts put down on paper with pen with a dash of wit, a searing intellect, lots of introspection and self-deprecating humor make for a inciDENTAL experience you will take in and enjoy with gusto. If I were ‘King For A Day’ there would be a rotating show of Grant Snider’s work projected on the ceiling above every dental chair everywhere. Let the drilling begin.


Bill Curtsinger