Young Professionals Network

The Jefferson County Chamber of Commerce Young Professionals Network (YPN) is comprised of young entrepreneurs and business professionals within Jefferson County. Through a variety of different programs, YPN helps participants to build business networks and community, share resources and experiences, develop professionally through educational opportunities, combine goals for advocacy, contribute to economic development and leverage influence in the county’s future.

The Chamber and supporting entities like Team Jefferson, believe that creation of a Young Professionals Network is an important investment in the future of Jefferson County. A cornerstone which will attract and retain modern, innovative thinkers who will invest in the area, strengthen the local economy, care for the community, and define Jefferson County’s future with the next generation of leadership.

Make Jefferson County known as the land of local opportunity for young professionals.

Fuel the success of YPN members by providing community-based resources to:
«  Connect with peers and mentors
«  Inspire creative entrepreneurship
«  Engage in local government
«  Empower through community leadership

Why get involved with YPN?
As a young professional you will be part of a greater network of peers who work hand-in-hand with business and community leaders to shape local economic development. YPN fosters an environment of connection with entrepreneurs and professionals whose passion is to make Jefferson County the land of local opportunity for generations to come. It’s all about your success — getting engaged with business and the future of the region through networking, exchanging ideas, and true professional development. We’re here to help you succeed and build a sustainable quality of life in Jefferson County.

How do I join YPN?
You do not need to apply or pay a membership fee to join YPN and attend events. Just click here to email us and asked to be adding to the event mailing list.

Want to host a future YPN event?
Please contact the Chamber 360-385-7869.

Click below to download and view the JCCC YPN Strategic Plan.
YPN Strategic Plan One Page

Click below to view the role descriptions for YPN.
YPN Roles

Local Mentors for Young Professionals!

The Jefferson County Chamber of Commerce Young Professionals Network is offering a free mentorship program aimed at helping local young professionals get a leg up in their career or chosen profession.

We have local mentors with years of excellent professional experience ready to dive in. If you are looking to advance in your current profession or start a new career, you could benefit from your own personal mentor!

How it works:

We will match you with a mentor based on the information you provide (see below). You and your mentor will work together toward your goals over a period of 90 days. We’ll keep in touch with your progress along the way and meet with you at the end of 90 days to evaluate success.

Here are some results participants experienced:

  • Found the “right” mentor through the process
  • Gained confidence and real experience
  • Made valuable connections through networking
  • Gained “The feeling that I am not alone”
  • Learned how to set realistic goals
  • Gained a clear understanding of where to start
  • Developed leadership skills
  • Received support and encouragement
  • Gained an appreciation for candid feedback

For more information call or email the Jefferson County Chamber of Commerce Today!

360-385-7869 or

The Jefferson County Chamber of Commerce offers this program at no charge to the participants. This mentoring program is for informational purposes only. The Chamber does not make or imply any claims regarding program success. Further, the Chamber does not guarantee or imply any individual results.

YP Career Mentorship Request Form

Mentor Testimonial:

“This is truly a special program. Those of us that have many years of business and life experience are given the opportunity to pass along the knowledge that we gained along the way. What are very clear and obvious decisions for me today was not always the case. Showing a young adult how to achieve a particular goal may be all the confidence boost they need to progress and excel in their career. It is most rewarding to watch a young adult work towards the next level in their career while under your guidance.
I strongly recommend this program to young professional adults seeking guidance or even validation in their chosen career. I also recommend this program for seasoned adults who want to experience the rewards of seeing a young adult prosper under your tutelage.”