Mentorship Program


Local Mentors for Young Professionals!

The Jefferson County Chamber of Commerce Young Professionals Network is offering a free mentorship program aimed at helping local young professionals get a leg up in their career or chosen profession*.

We have local mentors with years of excellent professional experience ready to dive in. If you are looking to advance in your current profession or start a new career, you could benefit from your own personal mentor!

How it works:

We will match you with a mentor based on the information you provide (see below). You and your mentor will work together toward your goals over a period of 90 days. We’ll keep in touch with your progress along the way and meet with you at the end of 90 days to evaluate success.

Download an application form here

Here are some results participants experienced:

  •   Found the "right" mentor through the process
  •   Gained confidence and real experience
  •   Made valuable connections through networking
  •   Gained “The feeling that I am not alone”
  •   Learned how to set realistic goals
  •   Gained a clear understanding of where to start
  •   Developed leadership skills 
  •   Received support and encouragement
  •   Gained an appreciation for candid feedback

For more information call or email the Jefferson County Chamber of Commerce Today!

                      360.385.7869 or


*The Jefferson County Chamber of Commerce offers this program at no charge to the participants. This mentoring program is for informational purposes only. The Chamber does not make or imply any claims regarding program success. Further, the Chamber does not guarantee or imply any individual results.